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Best Black Friday Deals For Startup Founders to Grab in 2023

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  1. Sinta

    Sinta introduces your interview AI co-pilot. Experience curated interview templates from industry leaders, collaborative hiring features, and insightful AI-driven analysis of interviews.

    Grab the Black Friday deal: 25% off PRO plan. Email mohamed@sintahr.com with "25% off"

  2. Gummy Search

    Gummy Search is an audience research tool for Reddit. Search for pain points, solutions to be built, content ideas, and sales leads from Reddit conversations.

    Grab the Black Friday deal: 20% off w/ code BF2023

  3. Display Buddy

    Display Buddy lets you control the brightness of monitors directly from your Mac.

    Grab the Black Friday deal: 25% off with the code BLACKFRIDAY

  4. AI Carousels

    AI Carousel lets you create Social Media Carousels fast!

    Grab the Black Friday deal: 30% off for the first month BLACKCAROUSEL (Expires Nov 27th)

  5. Spryngtime
    Spryngtime is a chat bot that uses your business' knowledge to answer customer questions, do tasks like refunds/cancellation, and resolve tickets.

    Grab the Black Friday deal: michael@spryngtime.com with "25% off"

  6. Ssemble

    Ssemble is an online video editor that assembles all the AI tools and resources needed for video editing.

    Grab the Black Friday deal: 50% OFF with BLACKFRIDAY50 (Expires Nov 24th)

  7. OneCliq

    OneCliq is an AI content assistant that creates, repurposes and analyzes your content for you.

    Grab the Black Friday deal: 50% the first month with OCBLACKFRIDAY (Expires Dec 1st)

  8. Momentic

    Momentic enables developers to deploy AI agents to test web apps end-to-end. No code required - just describe user flows using natural language.

    Grab the Black Friday deal: 25% off any plan. Email wei-wei@momentic.ai with "25% off"

  9. GuideJar

    Guidejar helps to enhance your user onboarding journey, reducing support tickets & thereby boosting conversions.

    Grab the Black Friday deal: BLACK25 for 25% off

  10. FounderPass

    FounderPass is the only membership for entrepreneurs, businesses, startups & founders need to thrive.

    Grab the Black Friday deal: BF25LIFE for 25% off of the lifetime membership

  11. Product Video Examples

    Learn from a library of over 100 hand-picked engaging SaaS product video examples.

    Grab the Black Friday deal: 50% OFF Life Time Deal with code: BLACKFRIDAY2023

  12. HelpKit

    Turn your Notion pages into a professional help center or documentation page.

    Grab the Black Friday deal: 35% OFF with code: black_friday_23

  13. Recut

    Recut is an video editor app for Mac and Windows that finds and removes silent parts in your videos (and podcasts!)

    Grab the Black Friday deal: 50% off, lifetime deal, no coupon required

  14. Indie Worldwide

    Indie Worldwide is a global community of bootstrapped startup founders where you can share your ideas, receive feedback and brainstorm with other founders.

    Grab the Black Friday deal: BLACKFRIDAY2023 to get 40% off on any plan (Expires Nov 30th)

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